I had such an awesome time being with my family last night. Our good friend Carenine passed away a few months ago due to sickle cells leaving behind two beautiful young girls and her husband. We had the great privilege of being the god parents and this was our weekend to watch over the girls. It was an amazing time.

My wife spoke to my sister over the phone and we were off to her house. Her house was full with a total of seven children running and playing. David my brother in law was in charge of the cooking and hamburgers and hotdogs was the specialty dish of the night. Video games were played on the PlayStation and the movie Guardians of the Galaxy was watched. It was a good night. The girls had a great time and we drove home later that night with them all fast asleep in the car.

Here is a slideshow of Carenine when she was with us a few years ago. It was Angelina’s baby presentation….

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