Etters Pennsylvania is such a beautiful place to visit. In the summer months as you drive in around this area, you are able to see the breadth taking views this place has to offer. Shana and Travis chose their grandparents home to be married in. There is so much family history and so much sentimental value in their grand parents home. This was the perfect choice for their wedding.

Shana looked fabulous while Travis looked stunning. As the lovely bride began to walk down the isle, the atmosphere was intensified with love and excitement. When Travis finally laid his eyes on her, he was filled with pure joy.

Congratulations once again to this beautiful couple. We wish you both much blessings on your new life.




Verona Park is beautiful place to spend time with family and friends, and especially for getting married. Both Ivy and Roury chose this place to have their wedding ceremony. It was the perfect choice. The weather was just right and the scenery was all to great. This was the perfect place to get married in. This beautiful young couple were the best of friends and they waited for the right time to get married. That time was now.

Lisa, one of our main photographers captured the very essence of their special day.