Okay, I was running to the house to go get something while my wife waited for me at the car. I then came across a 40 foot skunk, well okay I’m exaggerating, it was a baby skunk that stopped me dead in my tracks. I remember when I was a lot younger going to a field trip and the bus driver ran over a skunk, this brought back memories to me on how everyone inside the bus was affected and smelled bad for a couple of days! So seeing that this could potentially be one of those small case scenarios, I quickly reached out for my keys in the race for time!. I then started to jiggle the keys a little here and a little there as the skunk started to raise up her tail, not sure if this is what you do when confronted with such a dangerous animal?? LOL, but what I really wanted to do was to scare it away. Thank God it worked out!! and I walked away skunkles!.



It was a little scary at first. My wife was at the passenger side and I was the designated driver for the day. It all started last Friday, when my parents arrived back home from Israel.My wife and I were spending time with them ,enjoying their company as they shared their many experiences throughout their whole trip. They served food and we ate. It was a good old time. We then sprinted towards the door, and jumped  inside the bat mobile 😉 The night was cold and she looked into my eyes and said she loved me and gave me a big old kiss on my cheek. We were both tired from a busy work week and we jumped on the turnpike. Thirty minutes later as I was driving a little faster, I then passed this huge truck, when I came across Bambi galloping into the road. Her Innocent, caring and yet penetrating little eyes pierced my soul as I yelled!, NoOo Bambi! I then proceeded to slam on the breaks, our car slid left to right as Bambi ran back into the woods. My lovely wife then looked over to me and said my hero. And then we lived happily ever after 😉