Love is in the air, here is the story of how Jenith & Jesus met, hope you enjoy!

We met in 1999 thru our mutual friend Yesenia. In 2008 we both met each other again with the help of Carlos, Jesus Brother. Carlos suggested we should speak to each other and go out for a date. On September 25, 2008 Jesus spoke to Jen and they decided to go on a date on September 30, 2008. Neither one of them thought a serious relationship was going to be formed. They went into this relationship thinking they were going to be just friends. Since the beginning of our relationship, we were simply two friends who were trying to help each other overcome past hurts and help each other grow. Our relationship grew daily and eventually we ended up being a family with our two lovely girls. We both knew what we wanted as a family and that was having a solid foundation with God. We strongly believe that a Christian Marriage is the total opposite of a worldly marriage. We both have grown spiritually and we ask God daily to lead our marriage. We had our ups and down, but at the end it was well worth it. We now know how to treasure one another. Things happen for a reason is always Jenny’s belief, but now our belief is that God had a purpose for us. We both were married in the past and now we truly know what a marriage is suppose to be like. When you put God first, then everything else will take into place.
We personally want to thank Yesenia and Carlos to introducing us. Without them we would have never met each other.
Their wedding took place at the following location, Las Palmas Restaurant 6153 Bergenline Ave West New York, NJ/US 07093