The official storyboard of how Jeff and Kyra met and some of the special events that followed. They were so amazed to find each other at a dance party. 🙂 🙂 
Both came expecting only to have a good time dancing and going home. When their paths crossed they dance and sang all night long. They were very curious of each other and talked a lot. A few weeks later they met for dessert at Martha’s cafe in Queens, New york – one of Kyra’s favorite places. Jeff didn’t mind taking the drive all the way from New Jersey to meet there and afterwards told his brother that he had found someone special. She shared the same thoughts. They met up for picnics and festivals and museum trips all summer. Their lives were filled with dancing, exploring, painting, creating and talks about the future. 
The following winter, Jeff proposed to Kyra after taking her to an art exhibit and comedy show. She gladly accepted by responding, “Absolutely!” Today their story continues. 


It meant the world to have love ones to travel from near and far (and very, very far) to be with young bride & groom as they would soon begin their journey of life together. Both Ariel and Matt are amazing people with a beautiful future ahead of them. Congrats! Their wedding took place in Huguenot New York. Here are the photos.


The best love story told: 
Our story began in 1985, Sun’s father had just passed away and her family moved to East Orange, NJ, where she began to attend Hart Middle School. The first day she walked in my class I remember her being an extremely beautiful, but shy young lady. It was hard for her to make friends. She got teased a lot for being Chinese. I would tell the kids at school to leave her alone and not make fun of her. And as fate would have it we were seated together, since our last names fell together alphabetically: Cheng,Cosby. That was really cool. I got to sit next to the girl of my dreams.
In 1989, my family moved to Florida and I lost touch with Sun never having told her how I really felt about her. And as you well know, life goes on.
I was married for 12 years and went through a painful divorce, never imagining I would go down that path again.
In January 8, 2010, I was on Facebook and there in black and white was Sun Cheng. The girl of my dreams had blossomed into a beautiful woman. I thought, could this be our chance? I befriended her. Discreetly asked if she was married or in a relationship, and to my surprise she wasn’t. We talked on the phone for 6 months, I told her my life story and she told me hers.  We officially started dating in June 2010, and we’ve been inseparable since.  Who knew after 25 years, this could ever happen? It is a storybook romance, thanks to a computer, and a belief that true love knows no distance. Walter+ Sun got married at the Fiesta Banquets located on 255 Rt 17 S. Wood- Ridge,  NJ 07075