Here’s an amazing story of a beautiful couple that contracted me to shoot their wedding. Hope you enjoy the story as well as the engagement pics from Liberty State Park.
One day I walk into Majors department store and Olga myself and a dear friend of ours are all talking, Olga hears that I am no longer with my girlfriend and she states that maybe it’s her turn, soon after we started to date. Olga and I have known each other for over 27+ years. We dated in High School and eventually went our separate ways.

As we all know that things do happen in life and one has no control of it. At times one may ask why do things happen but things do happen for a reason. For us after 23 years of not knowing really what was happening in one another’s life I walked in to a Walgreen’s store and as I walked down aisle 9 pass two ladies talking and next thing I know someone calls out my name and it’s her, the one I let get away. We spoke for a moment and that was it.

One day soon afterwards I needed to ask for a favor for my daughter and I called Olga and the favor was for filled. I wanted to take her out for lunch but she said no, just bring me a cup of coffee as that would be thanks enough she said. I delivered the coffee we spoke some more both have lived our life’s as one ever since.

We have been together now for five years, we share our lives together with four children, she has two sons and I have a daughter and a son. We have three grandchildren and we treat each of our extended families as one family.

Olga and I have both realized life is a Full Circle. That things do happen for a reason and all of our children needed to be born, we had to go thru all that we have gone thru so we could finally find true happiness with each other.

A Full Circle of Life is how we look at it, now we can enjoy each other along with our families and friends.


I did a photo shoot for a reality show for young rock artist. Her name is Jessie Padilla. We 1st went to the Beauty Within Hair Salon located in 1205 Summit Ave in Jersey City, NJ 07307. After that we went around town shooting some nice portraits. Hope you enjoy.


I was contracted through a wedding planner to do Pearl and Dan’s wedding. We went to shoot their engagement pics at the Saddle River Rd County Park in Paramus New Jersey. I had a lot of fun shooting them with their dogs and as they posed in front of my camera, it inspired me all the more. I was able to capture them just being themselves and enjoying each others presence. I look forward to shooting their Big Day. Hope you enjoy the pics.